me being petty; ignore


something great I found out today:

losing me is equivalent to eating the last piece of chocolate, or having a bad hair day

also: please don’t refer to me as “someone you care about” because that’s bullshit and you just want people to think you are a loving and caring person (which is also bullshit)

Sometimes you have to make light of a really crappy day.


Island Kitten Befriends Animal Photographer

Animal photographer Mitsuaki Iwago was visited by a little ginger kitten when he was filming on the island of Okinawa. This little island dweller like many others are taken care of by the locals. Many cat lovers and photographers come to this island to visit their furry kitty friends.

This ginger kitten went up to the photographer and climbed on his head in the midst of the filming. Mitsuaki was happy to have a little helper on his shoulder, inspiring him as he went on with his creative production.

By the end of the day, the little island kitty fell asleep in his lap. It’s clear that he had made the photographer his new friend.

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An honest Christian life is messy. There’s you in all your sin, and problems, and not okay-ness, and Jesus is working in you, taking over more and more areas of your life. It is a process, and it can be slow, but accepting this works a whole lot better than just trying to hold your breath and act like you’ve got it all together.

Glen Fitzjerrell 

This is exactly my heart and what I mean by being authentic.

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That was this first nahs graduation I’ve missed since my freshman year of highschool.

I’m so proud of this graduating class; they’re all truly some of the smartest people I know. I’m stoked to see where life leads you.